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Dumbing of Age character magnet set of 11

Image of Dumbing of Age character magnet set of 11

$35.00 - On Sale

It's a set of 11 Dumbing of Age character magnets, remainder stock from the Book 8 Kickstarter.

Set includes Jason, Joyce, Amazi-Girl, Carla, Rachel, Other Rachel, Dorothy, Nash, Walky, Faz, and Fuckface the Iguana. Most are about 4" tall, but they vary. Obviously the iguana is much smaller. As individual magnets sell out (they were not made in equal numbers), I will alter this listing.

Yeah, the international shipping rate is dumb, but I can't get Ship-From-Home to do Not Flat Rate Priority, so, like, I dunno, you international folks should probably buy a magnet set along with a book or something so it's not quite so friggin' crazy.