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Dumbing of Age character magnet set of 8

Image of Dumbing of Age character magnet set of 8

$30.00 - On Sale

It's a set of 8 Dumbing of Age character magnets, remainder stock from the Book 4 Kickstarter. Joyce is gone, but there's enough of the rest of these guys to sell a few sets of! While stock remains.

Set includes Carla, Walky, Dorothy, Dina, Ruth, Billie, Sal, and Amazi-Girl. Most are about 4" tall, but they vary. As individual magnets sell out (they were not made in equal numbers), I will alter this listing.

Yeah, the international shipping rate is dumb, but I can't get Ship-From-Home to do Not Flat Rate Priority, and I have Twin Babies too much to be able to go to the post office every order to get regular postage, so, like, I dunno, buy a magnet set along with a book or something so it's not quite so friggin' crazy.