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Joyce and Walky! Complete

$15.00 - On Sale

This is all 54 months of Joyce & Walky! strips, running from the beginning of the series, August 2005, to the end. Each month had new strips on every Tuesday and Thursday, resulting in an average of 8 strips per month. Additionally, most months have their own exclusive desktop wallpaper art.

Each month was originally available for a minimum $2 donation, so $15 for 54 months is an amazingly good deal! After your purchase, you'll be e-mailed a list of links, with each link sending you to a month's page.

JOYCE AND WALKY IS NOW COMPLETED! If you've already bought this, you can alter the domain in the final URL link from "" to "" to see the final strips.

(There are also options to purchase the first or second half of links for $20. I also just added an option to get only the final page of strips, which is the page with the wedding on it, for $5.)

(also also bigcartel at some point started automatically adding $5 shipping onto this even though the page is hard-coded to specifically charge zero, and i can't turn it off no matter what i do, so now the cost is $30 so i don't have to refund $5 every time)

(also these are going to go up on the website for free soon, albeit one per day at a time, so you could still technically buy this if you want to get it all in one chunk early, godspeed)

(like, okay, half the pages are up for free on the website, so this is $15 now instead of $30)